"I speak through silence to you, so only YOU can hear me!"
"If you want people to know you from Adam, brand yourself and THEN build your business over it."
"It is easy to create and preach rules; it is hard to abide by the same!"
"I prefer silence, because silence speaks better than a thousand screams!"
"To your subscribers, the kind of CONTENT you publish matters more than the design of your subscription page!"
"Don't try to create a perfect product. You will never create one, because you, as a human being, are an imperfect creature. So create an imperfect product, sell it, and then ask your customers how to perfect it."
"There is always something new to write about, and there is always some way to stand above the crowd."
"We have time for anything we want to do in this life. If we want something badly enough, we always find time for it anyway. So all these 'no time available' joke is a nice way of saying: 'I don't like this work!' "
"Opportunities are transient. They fly only to give way to new and better ones. Don't fret on a lost opportunity! As long as you have a life, as long as you have a breath, you will get at least one opportunity to prove yourself."
"It takes thousands of bricks to build a house; it takes just one hammer to destroy it to pieces. It takes several hours to build friendship; it takes just one minute to turn it into enmity. It takes many articles to build a solid reputation; it takes just one bad word to wipe it out."
"Let's not scare newbies to death by telling them how completive a niche is! Isn't it true that there is always room for people who know what they are doing?"
"What a paradox of the world! Worthy people die early and worthless fellows remain on earth for too long!"
"The more thorns a tree has, the sweeter its fruit is!"
"The harder the road to success, the better you will feel when you succeed".
"Guess what can be the biggest motivation for a man to succeed in life? A woman!"
"When making a business transaction with a complete stranger, do not spend more than you can afford to lose and forget about. You should always take it for granted that you won't receive the value of your money from a stranger."
"Don't hunt for new methods and strategies everyday because seriously, you'd be wasting your time if you do. Instead, if you find a method that works for you, stick with it. Rinsing and repeating, rather than changing your business strategy every other day, will help you make more money with less waste of time and energy."
"If you are in the quest of satisfying everybody, you will satisfy nobody."
"Unfortunately we live in a world where negativity has more appeal to the herd mind than positivity, just as a woman prefers to take a bad guy (instead of a good one) in bed !"
"The crazy thing about internet marketers is that they'll do everything possible to make money, except offering valuable content to the masses."
"Do not ever mix up your personal and professional lives. Your family will never fully understand your business, and your customers needn't identify with your family matters either!"
"The earth goes round and round and anyone's death or birth makes no difference to its movement."
"Whether a few members post in it or not makes no difference to the life cycle of an online forum."
"Make no mistake my friend - tomorrow if you are no more, your immediate family will be genuinely grieved, your neighbors will shed some fake tears, and then it will be all over. No one will remember you."
"If your friend forgets to be in contact with you, it is your duty to keep in touch with them!"
"A tool is only as good as its user."
"Some people like to belong to an exclusive club or membership to fill an inner void, just as a hopeless lover searches for a partner in order to add spice to his otherwise dreary life!"
"Good products exist on earth as much as good guys do; the similarity between the two is that both of them are very hard to be found out."
" Can you ignore the wishes of your near and dear ones while holding on to your own? Well, then you are already half way down the road to internet marketing success!"
"Wise men never argue with fools because fools believe themselves to be wise!"
"You are under no obligation to help anyone, but this doesn't give you the liberty to harm someone either."
"Every one of us would have to go through the big black learning curve one or the other time."


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